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I swept Monday through the door in Avon’s Circular Pendant and Cream Summer Breeze Earrings!  Okay, y’all – the necklace is great (yada, yada, yada…), but can we talk about these earrings for a minute?! I picked them up on clearance (no longer available) for like $3 (rep price – PERKS!) – ridiculous! When I opened up the box, I was beyond amazed at how delicate these babies really are – SO BEAUTIFUL! They are feather light, but made of metal so they do tinkle on my ears, but they were like little tiny wind chimes! I’m not sure whether or not these have sold out or if they will be featured on clearance again, but IF you get a chance to pick yourself up a set, you will NOT be disappointed!


On Tuesday I was just sitting at the keyboard in Avon’s Modern Glamour Rhinestone Drop Earrings – no big deal.  MORE beautiful earrings that I picked up on clearance (no longer available)! Only one gripe: the back part of the earring that lays against your ear housing the post that goes through the hole is rounded. As such, it tips forward and doesn’t lay flat. Otherwise, absolutely beautiful!


We FINALLY broke out of the 90+ degree weather on Wednesday, so I busted my Avon Mark Printed Dreams Dress out of its package!  The first thing anyone noticed about me is that this dress is super vibrant! I personally really love the crochet strip above the elbow – such an unexpected touch. Unfortunately, this dress runs big – I bought a small, but should have gotten an XS…and I am NOT an XS. I didn’t even realize it would be too big until I’d already ripped open the package and committed to wearing it – plus I have zero patience to wait for any exchange to happen…it killed me that I had to wait THIS long to wear it due to stupid hot temps here.


I also threw on the Metallic Bead Layered Necklace and Metallic Bead Teardrop Earrings to finish off the look!  Both beautiful, but the earrings are a tad too long and the wire the beads were threaded onto kept flexing all day which was pretty distracting. If you’ve got a short neck, skip these.


I knocked them dead on Thursday in Avon’s killer Hematite Color Layered Chain Statement Necklace and Silvertone Sculptural Teardrop Earrings!  I seriously ❤ ❤ ❤ this necklace! I wore it cinched up as tight as possible to make it very nearly choker length! I was delighted that the strands/chains all glisten and glint in light, but not like typical shiny silver or gold. Without witnessing it in person (I’m just now realizing I ought to have shot a video so you could see it in motion – my bad!), it’s impossible to describe how amazing this necklace is! Oh, and the earrings were nice, but completely upstaged by the necklace…which is okay (and why I intentionally chose them) since they aren’t overly “special” in any way.


I closed out the week on Friday in Avon’s Hexagon Pendant and Sculptural Statement Earrings!

The chain of the necklace was a bit too long (I pulled the back of the chain to make it appear the proper length in the photo), but I do love the necklace and mixed metal pendants – the two hexagons are separates, almost like charms. The earrings received several compliments! With the stud “layer” curved, I expected it to make using a regular phone at work difficult or annoying, but that wasn’t the case at all – a nice surprise!


You are now caught up on this week’s selfies! Let me know what YOU think of the jewelry and clothing pieces I wore this week in the comments! Got selfies of your own from this past week? Lemme see by sharing a link!

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