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Last Saturday I grabbed pizza with the hubs and a few of his moto friends, so I went retro French in Avon’s Black and White Striped Chelsea Tee (which comes in a 4-pack with 3 other great tees!) and the Baguettes from the Diamondesque Stud Earring Trio!

I am totally loving the 4-pack Chelsea Tees! I intentionally bought them in a medium so they wouldn’t cling as I prefer comfy weekend wear and I was concerned they might be too roomy, but have been thrilled with my decision! I plan on busting out the tees under blazers in the fall for work when I’m having my “feeling fat” hormonal days and can’t pull the trigger on wearing more figure hugging tops!

41366272_2145378905750169_382777509873188864_o (1).jpg

The earrings are the baguettes pair and I honestly love all three pair in the trio but, for this look, I needed the earrings to be more simple so I could pull off the head scarf!

41298636_2145378935750166_3478872528498196480_o (1)

I’d been sitting on Avon’s Baja Vista Statement Earrings and Statement Necklace for far too long and I was ecstatic to finally be able to wear them! They seemed a bit heavy to wear during summer with summery outfits, so I jumped right in with both feet on Monday when I saw the ground was wet outside my window – hoorah!!

I L.O.V.E. this set! Fancy, funky and fierce! The earrings are a bit on the heavy side, but not dramatically so. And while they are pretty darn special on their own, the necklace is the big kapow! It has a lot going on, but I think that’s what really made it work so well!

You know when you put on unusual attention getting pieces, people are checking you out and you’re mentally thinking: “That’s right, keep on looking!” These definitely fall in that category!

SIDE NOTE: Sadly, the necklace is no longer for sale (sold out?), but you can still get your hands on the earrings.

41471207_2146281482326578_85324279863836672_o (1).jpg

Rain showers, cooler temps and Avon’s Maggie Swing Dress – a perfect match! Unfortunately, the dress is no longer available which is what happens when the fall collection comes out during the RELENTLESS heat of the summer. One can hope that it will make a command performance in the Outlet at some point! ::fingers crossed::

I just realized I’m apparently feeling green this week!

It’s a super comfy dress and I love the pockets! I was feeling fat on Thursday, so this was an easy decision in my closet that AM and think it does a great job still being cute but giving my bloatiness loads of breathing room. It’s also pretty darned adorable  with my dark denim jacket on top!

This will probably be in my regular rotation through fall and winter, layering scarves, jackets, sweaters and tights with it. I love that it’s a neutral, so it can go lots of style directions!


Friday’s work (and date night) look featured Avon’s Alyssa Dress with the Celestial Spirits Moon Pendant Necklace and Drop Earrings – stretchy and comfy, but still looking put together!

This dress has it all: it’s stretchy, comfy, a killer shade and has flirty feminine ruffles – what’s not to love?!


Both the necklace and earrings were pieces I won and they were my most favorite surprises! I wasn’t impressed with the stock photos of them, thinking they both looked cheap, but they seriously WOW in person! Both are light and possess a slightly witchy look about them, but that very well could be why I like them so much…they give off a mystical vibe – FUN!


And that wraps up this week’s selfies! Which look was your fave?

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