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Running errands for the hubs today in Avon’s Reconstituted Turquoise Pendant Necklace and Reconstituted Turquoise Statement Earrings!

LOOK! AT! ME! That’s what these bold pieces scream when trotted out in public…and I’m okay with that! The necklace pendant is a very modern and interesting design – I also would have liked to see it enlarged and placed on a long chain for a hip, boho pop of color for all my darker fall duds which will be coming off of hangers sooner rather than later! The earrings are a bit on the heavy side, but not stupidly so – I did not experience sore lobes as a result. Striking and brightly colored – a great combo!

Today I’m delivering a ton of orders, grabbing lunch with a friend, and taking care of another friend’s collection of cats. Appropriately, I’m wearing Avon’s Tiger Eye Charm Necklace and the tiger eye studs from the Tiger Eye Stud Earring Duo!

I think this very well may be the first tiger eye jewelry I’ve ever owned – where have you been all my life?! While it definitely has a more casual look and feel to it, I am in love with its variegated colors. The necklace is visually interesting all around. To start, the chain isn’t basic in the least, and then the charms and pendant which, I think, came close to being a mismatch but actually work in this setting due to the fanciful chain. The studs are, well, studly! These have certainly earned a spot in my “I need to keep these pieces handy” jewelry box. I fully expect they will be making many future appearances!

Wednesday I was back on kitten/cat duty for two different households before having dinner with a friend. Appropriately (once again), I was wearing Avon’s Tiger Eye Long Necklace wrapped around my neck twice and the goldtone studs from the Tiger Eye Stud Earring Duo!

Have you ever had an accessory or piece of clothing that you wore a certain way and you continued doing so forever? That’s how I feel about this necklace! Doubled up, it hangs like a collar necklace and showcases every single one of the stones and beads without placing all the like ones next to each other making it look too matchy-matchy. It is perfect!! The stud earrings aren’t anything terribly special, though I do appreciate the punch detail to give them some visual interest. I didn’t want any earrings I chose to compete with the specialness of the necklace, so these fit the bill to a T!

Thursday I was back again on kitten duty, then delivered another order in Avon’s Desert Days Statement Necklace and Earring Set!

The scroll work of the pendant and earrings is divine!  I love that this set feels more casual due to the black corded “chain” and the matted, almost burnished, silver finish.  What I wasn’t crazy about were the two chunky beaded necklace layers that the pendant hangs from.  I felt like the pearl-like beads were a bit too large and a bit too white.  They weren’t “gritty” enough and my eye goes immediately to those pearl-like beads every time because they stick out like a sore thumb to me…and the focus should be on the pendant.  It’s not such a blow that I won’t wear this piece again, but I wish they would have either skipped adding those beads in or added a different bead altogether.  If only they’d ask my opinion when designing these things!

Those are all of the past week’s selfies! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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6 thoughts on “Turquoise and Tiger Eye

  1. I love all of these jewelry sets! But especially the turquoise set, the earrings are very bold yet chic. That double wrap you did on the tigers eye necklace to make it look like a choker, totally brill my friend! I have to send you a picture of me wearing the necklace you sent, I too used it like a choker, love the way it looks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hethrgood says:

      Ooh, yes!! I definitely want to see how that looks on you! I’ll bet you can carry off that giant pendant better than I could. Does it flap around a lot on you too?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Surprisingly it did not, probably because I wore it high like a choker.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. hethrgood says:

          That’s good news!!

          Liked by 1 person

  2. floatinggold says:

    You must know a lot of people with cats.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hethrgood says:

      I do – and they all went out of town at the same time. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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