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Customers still need their Avon, so on Monday I delivered CONTACTLESS, but still looked fly in Avon’s Modern Pink Y Necklace and Earring Set!

This Y necklace has a solid weight to it, so it stayed in place a whole lot better than lighter ones have–YAY!  The earrings are a light/medium weight, so they don’t drag on the lobe, but they don’t fly free in the wind either–perfect!

I love that the stones are shaped different and aren’t perfect–it definitely makes them appear more natural.  Some folks like the see-through stones, and I would, if only I didn’t have a yellow-ish skin tone–it always skews the stone’s color.  In this case, the pink tried to hold on a bit instead of turning peach, though it does lose the battle in certain lighting.  That is purely a me issue though, which could be remedied by wearing clothing that would back it up rather than letting it rest directly on my skin.

Successfully completed a contactless mobile notarization for work on Wednesday in a set of hoop earrings from Avon’s Aqua Earring Trio Pack!

These are so vibrant in color and the perfect “pop” to my otherwise black and white outfit!  A nice small-medium size hoop with a stud backing.  Not heavy.  A little bit bulky, but not overly so.  The color though… ::heart pumping out of chest::

Friday I celebrated my 11th wedding anniversary with the hubs (I curled my hair, y’all!) in Avon’s Layered Link Necklace and Earrings Set!

Avon brings this type of design back every few years and I love it!  The open design on the statement necklace ensures that, while it takes up a lot of real estate, it doesn’t completely cover the real estate.  The extender chain allows a lot my length, but…chokers.  You know me.  Light, airy, and gorgeous–I was thrilled to add a goldtone set to my collection!

Those are all of the past week’s selfies! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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2 thoughts on “Contactless, but Still Stylin’

  1. I loved all of these! And yes, we still need our Avon. 😎

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    1. hethrgood says:

      Hey, me tooooo!!! LOL

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