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Another contactless Avon delivery day featuring Avon’s Genuine Stone Modern Lucky Charm Necklace and Pave Petite Hoop Earrings!

The necklace (in the same line as the previously reviewed Loved version) is another winner–I only wish the beaded charm was green instead of purple, though it’s definitely not a deal breaker.  The earrings are fat.  There’s no getting around it.  I’ve previously expressed my aversion to thicker hoops, and these fell into the same bucket–I just don’t like them on me.  Bah, humbug.

Went out to make more #contactless deliveries after work in Avon’s Sterling Silver CZ and Pearl Necklace and Earrings!

This necklace is a stunner!  Pretty, simple, elegant–it’s all the things!  A beautiful pearl paired with a smaller CZ stone all in a sterling silver setting–I am in love!  Sadly, I don’t feel the same about the earrings in the same collection–the CZ stone looks awkward next to the much larger pearl when it’s only the two of them being displayed.  To top that off, I tried turning them every which way to make them look “right,” but I couldn’t settle on a position.  If you are on the fence about which piece to purchase, definitely go with the necklace!

Those are all of the past week’s selfies! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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2 thoughts on “A Side of Bah, Humbug

  1. Ohh that pearl set looks a lot like an older Avon set I have in my jewelry box! 😎😊

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    1. hethrgood says:

      Avon reworks lots of their collections and relaunches them a few years later…thank goodness they usually pick the good ones! 😁

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