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Last Saturday was date night…in a restaurant!!  I pulled out all the stops in Avon’s Rhinestone Waterfall Earrings–these things are a little package of fancy glitz for your lobes.  They can carry an outfit solo, or you can go all-out and wear lots more “ice” for an even greater visual impact.  They are a medium weight, so I didn’t need to use my magic earring backers to keep them in place–and I was worried I’d need to, so that was a pleasant surprise.  While definitely a little too “extra” for every day wear, they will certainly make a repeat performance at some point when I dress up!

unnamed (1)

Monday I was making iconic statements…how about you? I adorned Avon’s Iconic Statement Necklace (sadly, but not surprisingly, already sold out  ::frown::), to make the grey and rainy day a tiny little bit better–and boy did it!  I cinched this up to make it hang like a collar necklace, where I think it has a whole lot more impact.  Clearly this past week I’ve been craving more high-class touches to my work-from-home looks. and this piece delivers quite a stunning performance.  I love the updated retro design marrying pearlesque and CZ stones together with a touch of goldtone in an intricate and breathtaking display of elegance.  Ooh la la!

I’m green with e . . . meralds!  I still wanted a little more oomph on Tuesday, so Avon’s Look of Emerald Necklace and Drop Earrings won the battle of the toppling unopened jewelry boxes!  The necklace is heavy!!  I certainly didn’t expect it to be lightweight, but I was impressed by its heft.  Luckily, the earrings are relatively lightweight.  The emerald-like stones in both the necklace and earrings are the same size, and are a rich green hue that make sensational focal points.  My single grumble is that the clear stones on the necklace seem to be strung together askew, and they don’t hang as straight as I’d like–instead they look like a teen in braces with jacked up teeth, but grinning in spite of it all.  As long as you focus your attention on the pendant, it won’t matter–ah, good old smoke and mirrors!

Those are all of the past week’s selfies! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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4 thoughts on “High-Class Touches

  1. Seriously? That necklace is sold out already?……ugh….

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    1. Btw, all those looks are stellar! Lol

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