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Saturday was date night with the hubs which calls for dressing up and Avon’s Clara Dress with their Modern Geo Linear Earrings from their Fall For Paris collection were the answer! I’m totally loving the mod vibe!

The dress is lovely but needed some shape (and to be shortened a tad, but that’s because I’m vertically challenged), so I added a belt to make it more of an empire waist, which looked way better in person than in photos…and I was running late for date night so I didn’t have time to fuss over getting the *right* photos. Ask the hubs – he’ll tell you how irritated I was at the photos I was stuck working with…

So, about the dress itself: The print is super cool with maroon-ish red, pink, cream and black colors – and the bottom is visually interesting how it seems to have a darker underlay to the pattern. The boat neck is flattering on everyone and has adorable gold button details on the tops of the shoulders. The print on the outside of the dress has a very plastic-y feel to it and it’s not pleasant. It definitely had a smell to it when I pulled it out of the package, though that had dissipated after airing it out before wearing it. I think the print also caused the underlying fabric to become unbreathable which would make it unbearable to wear in any kind of heat. Still, a very pretty dress.

The earrings are great – in theory. In practice, they didn’t hang straight at all. Every “joint” piece that connected the next piece to the overall look made each section pick its own direction to hang. Add to that the heavy mod pendant at the bottom which made that piece tip forward from the top. To say my OCD was out of control is putting it mildly! Lying flat they look great but hanging from my ear they look like a crooked witch finger. I was pretty disappointed that these didn’t hang right.

End result: Sad earring day. Wah, wah.

40041044_2137053423249384_1166695954351390720_o (1).jpg

Shall we continue falling for Paris – mais oui! Avon’s Café Chic Long Tassel Necklace and Café Chic Tassel Statement Earrings certainly live up to their names – chic, with a CAPITAL C…they are pure luxury!

I can totally understand why Alicia went nutso over these earrings at Repfest – they are SPECTACULAR! Besides the obvious wow factor, they are surprisingly NOT heavy, nor did I notice the tassels tickling my face at all during the day and I had anticipated being subconsciously annoyed by them, expecting to constantly be brushing them away from my face, but that didn’t happen even once!

I’ve neglected to give the matching necklace the declarations of love it’s due – it’s also a deliciously exotic piece, though I guarantee that the earrings totally stole the show!



Another hot day – another hot necklace from Avon’s Fall for Paris collection! The super sparkly Celestial Spirits Orbit Pendant Necklace was just the ticket to help me fly through my Tuesday! Short and to the point: Simple, sweet, sparkly and stunning!


Getting over the hump in Avon’s Diamondesque Necklace and Earring Set – another beautiful set from their Fall for Paris collection! Again, pictures don’t convey how shiny and sparkly this set is – so pretty! The necklace looks light, but isn’t, which kept it in place all day. I only had one issue with it: when I had my seat belt on, the pressure across it caused the chain on the left hand side to pull taut which irritated my neck. I had to keep pulling it in front of the seat belt to stop it. Terrible description, but I couldn’t do any better at pre-5 AM!


I strangled the life out of the work week on Friday by looping Avon’s Pearly Parisian Fringe Necklace – another stunner from the Fall for Paris collection! Even though this necklace is in the Fall for Paris collection, I styled it to be more rock-n-roll! Had the pendant been heavy, I wouldn’t have been able to loop the chain around my neck because it would have caused too much pressure due to excess weight but, luckily, that is not the case here! I love using this trick on long necklaces when I want the pendant to hang higher, plus it gives me an instant layered/choker look to boot!

40507809_2140776662877060_8499211860367638528_o (1)

And that completes another week of selfies! Which were your favorite pieces?!

2 thoughts on “A Little Bit Rock-N-Roll

  1. Rakkelle says:

    Super cute jewelry….I have one of those tassel necklaces, in fact, I wore it just last week (wish I could upload a picture here for your viewing pleasure). Mine I got from JCrew. They’re so versatile.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hethrgood says:

      I have a few necklaces that are similar and I agree that they are super versatile – it’s one of my favorite things about them!

      Liked by 1 person

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