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Christmas Eve is typically a chaotic day, so I thought it fitting (ironic?) to wear Avon’s Serene Shimmer Pendant Necklace and Serene Shimmer Earrings!

The marbled lucite looks like a cross between abalone and mother of pearl. It’s really beautiful and interesting to look at as it changes its look when you change your angle!

Despite the earrings being a solid medium-large size, they are relatively lightweight.


The Christmas selfie!! I finally busted open the packaging on the Oak Tree Incentive Locket that I earned from Avon a couple of months ago along with another set of earrings from the Julia Stud Earring Set!

The locket is tremendous! The detail of the oak tree is delicious! It’s rather large and earned a hook near my other “Is it a weapon or a piece of jewelry?” necklaces…one of my favorite subsections! Who doesn’t want to look amazing and feel safe?!

The earrings are perfect in every way! A wonderful small-medium sized silvery grey pearl stud – such a beautiful way to modernize a classic…I’m in love!! 💕


So quickly the holiday ends and it’s back to work! I tried to make it a bit more fun in Avon’s Mixed Metal Layered Necklace and Earring Set along with one of my Christmas gifts from the hubs, a Ferragamo headband!

This set is so shiny, it’s like highly polished chrome!! I particularly like the shorter length of the necklace and the petite feel to the earrings – a great set!!

Side note: please forgive the less than stellar earring pic. It’s very difficult photographing super shiny things – so much glare!

Those are all of the past week’s selfies! Which pieces were your favorite and how would you have styled them?

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12 thoughts on “Ooh Shiny!

  1. Omg! The mixed layered and shimmer set are beautiful! I haven’t purchased Avon jewelry in forever, well since my mom stopped selling it. But I’m going to definitely go for these two sets! These two sets will go with many of my business suits. Thanks for posting Heather. 😎

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    1. hethrgood says:

      It’s absolutely my pleasure! How long was your mom an Avon lady?


      1. Oh my for about twenty some odd years. I got all the best of the girls jewelry and perfumes. I wish I had kept some of them because now they are being sold as “vintage” items and they are expensive.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. hethrgood says:

          When did she stop selling?

          You got rid of all of them?! They are all collector’s items now – there’s a huge market for them. 🙂

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          1. Well not rid of them per say, when I got married and moved out of my mothers house I left them behind and one day they were gone. She’s not sentimental so I’m thinking she either gave them away or threw them away. I know, I wish I had kept them 😦

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            1. hethrgood says:

              I’m so sorry – that’s heartbreaking for an Avon lady to read!

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              1. I know, and now that I see all the stuff I had on sale in “vintage” condition and how much they are selling for, it makes me even sadder. But oh well, what can I do other than keep buying Avon jewelry to help console myself, lol.

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                1. hethrgood says:

                  That there is a healthy outlook! 😉

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    2. hethrgood says:

      FYI: Avon has a special going (and today is the last day) to receive free shipping with any $25+ eOrder using code: TREATME – it expires at 11:59 PM Pacific time.


  2. I don’t know which selfie I like the most? The pearls look nice. Im not a great judge to be honest. My eye for style is a tad cockeyed!!!

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    1. hethrgood says:

      Thank you for trying to pick! For the record, there are no wrong answers – style is a fluid thing. Whatever appeals to the eye is a winner. I enjoy hearing others’ opinions about what their preferences are and what appeals to them. Getting a dude’s perspective is even more fun!

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