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Started the work week off consulting the stars in Avon’s Guiding Stars Zodiac Necklace in Taurus and the pink-ish studs in their Modern Stud Earring Trio!

I thought the charms on the necklace would have been larger and the chain longer, but I actually like the smaller size…though it makes seeing what the charms are a lot more difficult.  But that’s my only gripe.  The earrings are a lot more pink when the background is white, but my skin tone combined with the pink and turned it a peachy hue instead.  That was disappointing.  They should have mounted the stones on a background that would allow their shade to remain true, rather than leave them open-backed.  I still like them okay, but not as well as when they are pink.

Today was a good day for a choker—oh, who am I kidding? EVERY DAY is a good day for a choker! And Avon’s Bold Link Necklace did not disappoint!!

It’s a fairly straightforward design–simple and basic, but it can be cinched up to be worn at choker-length, so I’m in love!!  The necklace can also be worn longer, but it doesn’t have a lot of length to it.  It’s also a bit on the heavy side…those links may be open, but they are solid!

Those are all of the past week’s selfies! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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One thought on “Go Bold or Go Home!

  1. Love all these looks!

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