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Monday I delivered a ton of orders on my bonus day off in Avon’s “I Am” Inspirational Necklace and one pair of studs (out of 21!!!) from the Everyday Glam Stud Earring Mega Pack!

The necklace is in Avon’s Pink Hope line. A percentage of purchases of products from that line are donated to American Cancer Society to help fight breast cancer. That alone always makes me happy to support the line, but lately they’ve been knocking it out of the park with their gorgeous jewelry pieces–and this one didn’t disappoint either! Empowerment is popular nowadays, so this fits right in with that trend too. Genuine, inspirational, kind, beautiful, worthy, unique, and confident–all words we all are (or should be) described as at some point in our lives–even better if they are all at once! This would make a terrific gift for the women in your life–showering them with love, compliments, and affirmation all in one go.

The earrings have a retro feel to them, and are super sparkly–a terrific pair with the necklace because of the starburst on the charm. Also, can we talk about this mega pack of earrings?! What a great set!!! I don’t think there is a single pair I won’t wear–most all of them are classic, and they mixed goldtone and silvertone pairs to suit all tastes. It would be an amazing “starter kit” for a young girl just getting her ears pierced for the first time. Even the largest pairs are still dainty enough for young uns to wear!

I took my luck to work in Avon’s Clover Look of Shell Motif Necklace and another pair of studs from the Everyday Glam Stud Earring Mega Pack!

Abalone has always been a favorite material of mine. As a kid, my mom used to take us over to an older lady’s house who was named Nana, though she wasn’t our kin. Nana had an in-ground pool out in the countryside, though now the area is full-on suburbia. We’d spend hours swimming there, but what I was most awed by was her gravel driveway up to the house…it was lined with intact half abalone shells! They were fascinating to watch in the sun–their colors shift as you move, and they are shiny, of course. I always equated abalone with being carefree and the treat of being able to swim in a legit pool without thousands of other bodies to fight against for space, like at the public pools we also went to. This necklace is composed with abalone as its leaves and I love it! The pendant is smaller than I thought it would be, but that doesn’t ruin it–it only makes allowing the abalone to shine a bit more difficult. Regardless, I felt like I was carrying a little magical piece of my childhood around my neck all day, and couldn’t help but smile when I saw it or thought about it.

Another classic pair of earrings form the mega set made their debut on my ears–perfect all around!

Those are all of the past week’s selfies! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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3 thoughts on “Childhood Wonders

  1. Rakkelle says:

    The Glam Stud Mega pack made me wish I had earlobes. 🙂

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