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Monday I worked, delivered, and sang like a boss in the Respect shade from Avon’s Limited-Edition Give ’em Tude Mattitude Gift Set (no longer available), their Adjustable Horn Pendant Necklace, and their Sterling Silver Classic CZ Solitaire Earrings!

I found that, throughout the day, I was holding and rubbing the horn pendant on the necklace like a genie’s bottle.  I’m sure that means something, but I’m not ready to unpack it.  So, instead, I’ll focus on its chain (my favorite new “style” again) and the vibrancy of its color (SO BLUE!).  The earrings were in heavy rotation this week as they go with everything and aren’t fussy–default pieces aren’t generally fun to review, but they are mandatory for every collection!

The lip paint set was in Avon’s limited-edition Mother’s Day line, which ended its run earlier this week.  I sincerely hope they add this color to the regular line though, I’ve worn it EVERY DAY!  It’s perfect blend of their already-existing shades in nude and pink, both of which were my two faves from the line.  Time will only tell whether or not they officially expand this line, but here’s my tiny little vote to make it happen!

More working and deliveries on Tuesday in Avon’s Sparkling Color Drop Earrings in Pink!

I previously reviewed the earrings in blue and I still agree with it.  These are sweet and simple little delights for the ears!  Both pair have been added to my “favorites” jewelry box.  (Yes, I have several.  Don’t judge.)

Just casually worked from home on Thursday in Avon’s Sterling Silver Floral Necklace and Baguette Cluster Stud Earrings! 😉

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a B&W Avon-related selfie before–too often I’m wearing colored items that need to be shown, but this time was different!  While you don’t get to see the sparkle and shine as well in B&W, you do get to see just how dainty they are.  I expected the necklace to be dainty because all of Avon’s sterling silver necklaces tend to be, but the baguette earrings were a revelation!  I hadn’t even unboxed them because I thought they’d need a larger stage.  Just goes to show what I know!

Anyway, both pieces are sweet.  The necklace is so tiny, it tended to turn with the chain, so I had to correct its position several times, but it’s a sweet upside down fleur-de-lis and appropriately sized for any age.  The earrings a slightly grander in scale, but not to the point of gaudy or tacky, nor are they at all heavy.  Appropriate for young ‘uns?  Mama’s call–maybe for a special occasion?

Those are all of the past week’s selfies! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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