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Last Sunday, I ran to the grocery store so I could teach the hubs how to cook his favorite dish of mine that night: penne con vodka and parmesan encrusted chicken! I featured Avon’s Hammered Pendant Long Necklace and the biggest hoops in their Silvertone Modern Hoop Trio Pack!

The necklace’s pendant has a medium weight and size on a very hip paperclip-style chain.  I wasn’t crazy about the pendant up close, but I really like how it looks from a bit of a distance, which is how all the cool kids are doing things nowadays, so there’s that.  I’m a fan of paperclip necklaces for multiple reasons: they are interesting to look at, you can clip on charms randomly to change the overall look, and you can decide whether you want to wear it short, medium, long, or as a choker!

These hoops are such a treasure!  From a distance, you don’t really notice the CZ detail on the outside, but you sure do up close–and, boy are they brilliant!  These made it into my “favorites” jewelry box!

And because I know I’ll be asked, the dinner turned out great (see bonus pic below of the end result), though he admitted that he hadn’t realized how much work it would be–HA!


NBD, just worked from home on Wednesday in Avon’s Genuine Lavender Stone Pendant Layered Necklace and Earring Set!

This necklace has some good weight to it, though it wasn’t too heavy.  I noticed the weight more when I leaned forward, then rested back, and it plunked against my chest.  The layers tended to not hang perfectly, but the pendant usually stayed centered at least–one outta two ain’t bad, and that’s the one I’d want to win in that fight!  The colors are perfect for springtime, and the overall style would complement most necklines.  The earrings didn’t wow me.  Again, from a distance they were fine, but up close they looked cheap.

Thursday, I was rooting hard for the sun in Avon’s Pave Butterfly Necklace and Earring Set!

I clearly have a thing for butterfly-themed jewelry, and I didn’t even realize it until I searched for my post last year about the earrings (they look exactly like the butterfly earrings from last year’s spring collection Spring Stud Earring Trio) and got a ton of hits.  Sheesh self, you’ve got a problem.  Anyway…

The necklace is super adorable, lightweight, and definitely could be gifted to any aged person.  I also really dig the shorter chain length–which is no big surprise to any of my usual readers!  The earrings are the same size as the necklace, which is just plain too big and ends up competing with the necklace for attention, which just shouldn’t happen in a necklace/earring set.  I think the earrings would be great with another necklace, or without a necklace, but I will not be wearing them as a set ever again–my butterflies deserve center stage!

Those are all of the past week’s selfies! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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2 thoughts on “Simple Beauty

  1. So you even accessorize when working from home?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hethrgood says:

      LOL Yup. I dress more casually than when I go into the office, but have otherwise maintained my routines.

      Liked by 1 person

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