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I skipped over Monday and charged right into the work week on Tuesday in Avon’s Classic Elegance 3 Piece Set!  Big shout out to Avon’s CHI Essentials Hair Color in Medium Brown for the gray coverage–easy, beautiful, and DOESN’T stink!!

Elegance is right!  The photos of this set (minus the bracelet, since I’m not a bracelet fan) do not do it justice.  It shimmers, sparkles, and glitters with every micro-movement.  With simpler pieces like these, they can be worn with just about anything from tees and jeans to wedding gowns.  The sky’s the limit!

I finally caved and colored my grey temples.  It was simple to follow the instructions and the kit included absolutely everything you need including gloves, a shower cap, and after care mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and serum.  While that is impressive, what I was most amazed by was that the color/developer did not stink!!!  In addition, the drips and staining along my hairline were EASY to wipe off with baby oil–I didn’t have to scrub the crap out of it!  Out of the 12 shades offered, I opted for medium brown, but I will likely choose a lighter shade next time.  While it looks perfect in sunlight, it’s a bit too dark for my taste using indoor lighting.  However, before I decide that, I’ll see how it wears over time. Overall, I am positively in love with this kit!

I got over the hump in Avon’s Mixed Media Shell Statement Earrings!

First things first, these are not heavy!  They look like they’d weigh a ton, but they are super lightweight!  I think these are very interesting and don’t remember ever seeing anything like them from Avon before.  They definitely look like bits of sea treasures all cobbled together to create a summery and tropical confection for the ears.  These will be making repeat appearances for sure!

I completed the short work week in Avon’s Modern Abalone Hoop Earrings!

I previously shared the backstory for my love of abalone, and these earrings do not fail to wow!  While they initially delighted me with their astonishing greens, blues, and silvers, it was the design itself that really astounds!  They are nontraditional hoops ending in a half-moon goldtone wire that holds the abalone piece, which is viewable on both sides!  If you love unique pieces, you’ll want these!

Those are all of the past week’s selfies! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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