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Be iconic!  A couple of Fridays ago, I dove in with the pinky-nude lippie in the green tube from Avon’s Iconic Mini Lip Color Set.  First, how cute is this set?  The packaging is such fun!  The box that the set arrives in opens like a box of cigarettes (it’s also perforated all the way around, so you can choose to tear off the lid and keep the base as a display piece), and each tub of lipstick has its own slot inside the box.  The tube designs look like they time-traveled from the 1960s.  The set includes a mauve color in the pink tube, a pinky-nude color in the green tube, and an orange-red color in the off-white tube. The lipstick itself is creamy, goes on smooth, and has a lot of color to it.  The shade I wore that’s pictured below is not too far off from my natural lip color, so it was an easy one to pick with some confidence that it would look good on without having to dab it back to a stain (which is what happened with the orange-red–yikes!).  While I love this for how adorable it is and two out of the three shades worked for me, each of the lipsticks are pretty small–perhaps about one-third the size of a normal lipstick, so you’re definitely paying for the packaging, and you have to pay for the entire set, even if you’re only interested in one or two of the shades.  I’m not mad about it, but I probably would have been if I’d only ended up liking one of the shades out of the bunch.

A.  Trendy
B.  Sexy
C.  Edgy
D.  Comfy
E.  Flattering

A dozen-ish multi-sized grommets an a functional zipper adorn each of the shoulders of Avon’s Double Zipper Top, and they give serious oomph to an otherwise basic 3/4-length sleeved tee!  I have seen a ton of other reps’ selfies in this top and it looks good on everyone–it doesn’t discriminate against shape or size!  In addition, you can choose to unzip one or both sides a little, a lot, or not at all–giving it (and you!) a ton of different look options.  Made out of a polyester, rayon, and spandex mix, the material is heavier than a typical cotton tee, but has good stretch without ever getting misshapen.  This piece totally reminded me of the mark. line that Avon used to carry, and it made me squeal with delight–I was so happy to see a trendier piece that younger and older women could both rock without it seeming out of place for their age.  This piece was a complete home run!

I’m just a girl…with a little glimmer in her eye with a little help from Avon’s FMG Glimmershadow Liquid Eyeshadow in Rose Gold and the mauve lippie in the pink tube from their Iconic Mini Lip Color Set!  I generally skip wearing actual colored eyeshadows in favor of wearing a single natural-colored matte shadow over my entire lid every day. but sometimes I want to bump up the glam factor, and will spend an hour on my makeup (because I really suck at it) to try out new looks or for a special occasion.  This was one of those times.  While you can’t see the full shadow effect (because I also suck at doing makeup selfies), which included a couple of pinks, a lilac, and a silver, you do get the idea.  There is definitely quite a bit of shimmer–the light even flicked off of a bit under my eye–but it’s not hardcore glitter, so older ladies like myself can retain our dignity and not look like we’re trying to be 20-somethings, while still having a bit of fun with our look.  Other benefits: it didn’t crease, smear, or disappear (does our skin drink it?) as the day went on, unlike many matte shadows do.  The color is buildable, so if you want MORE™, you can definitely achieve that.  It also plays nice with other shadows, including mattes, and blends nicely.  It was a great first choice to test out from the line!

The mauve lippie is my new favorite!  I already gushed about the packaging, so I’ll skip that–even though it all still holds true.  Just look at that bold mauve lip!  ::jumping up and down::  It sticks around for a good long while, but transfers easily to anything it touches, so make sure to pop the tube in your purse if you’re going out to eat, or for drinks–you’ll need a touch up.

Shine bright like a diamond in Avon’s Sterling Silver Classic Baguette CZ Stud Earrings!  If you love basic, elegant, and timeless designs (I do, I do!!)–this is for you (and me!!)!  There’s nothing trendy here, it’s simply a beautiful emerald cut clear CZ with a sterling silver post and back, but sometimes the most simple designs are the most beautiful.  They don’t dance around the stage screaming “Look at me, LOOK AT MEEEEE!”  Instead, they sit quietly and dignified in the front row–and they will win the approval of any eye that passes over them.

Early last week, I was crushing on abalone like…

I got my fix in Avon’s Crushed Abalone Pendant Necklace and Teardrop Earrings!  While I didn’t have great lighting to be able to capture all the greens, blues, silvers, pinks, and corals–they were all there!  The chain of the necklace is that sleek, round style that I’ve really been digging lately–it just looks higher end.  The abalone itself looks like a solid piece was tapped with a hammer to fragment, but not completely break, it.  As a result, it makes the metallic bits glint even more than usual, and the opalescent bits really come to life. Gratefully, the back of the necklace’s pendant was flat, so it didn’t flop around my chest like a fish out of water.  The earrings are smaller than the necklace, but that suited me just fine–I’m not the biggest fan of heavy earrings, so scaling them back so they didn’t drag down my lobes was just fine with me.

Those are all of the past week’s selfies! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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