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I stumbled through Monday in Avon’s Modern Pink Loop Earrings!

These earrings may be feather light, but they pack a big accessory punch!  The wire loop is unusually long, which I originally wasn’t keen on–but then I put them on.  I might just be a sucker for pink and black together, but I feel like these make a huge statement without having to take up the space “true” statement pieces traditionally occupy.  For those of us who are on the smaller side, these are a godsend!  Fun, interesting, beautiful–you can have all three!

This week I featured daily sale highlights from Avon’s campaign 11 as follows…

Last Sunday, I ran to the grocery store so I could teach the hubs how to cook his favorite dish of mine that night: penne con vodka and parmesan encrusted chicken! I featured Avon’s Hammered Pendant Long Necklace and the biggest hoops in their Silvertone Modern Hoop Trio Pack!

The necklace’s pendant has a medium weight and size on a very hip paperclip-style chain.  I wasn’t crazy about the pendant up close, but I really like how it looks from a bit of a distance, which is how all the cool kids are doing things nowadays, so there’s that.  I’m a fan of paperclip necklaces for multiple reasons: they are interesting to look at, you can clip on charms randomly to change the overall look, and you can decide whether you want to wear it short, medium, long, or as a choker!

These hoops are such a treasure!  From a distance, you don’t really notice the CZ detail on the outside, but you sure do up close–and, boy are they brilliant!  These made it into my “favorites” jewelry box!

This week I featured daily sale highlights from Avon’s campaigns 10 and 11 as follows…

Monday I worked, delivered, and sang like a boss in the Respect shade from Avon’s Limited-Edition Give ’em Tude Mattitude Gift Set (no longer available), their Adjustable Horn Pendant Necklace, and their Sterling Silver Classic CZ Solitaire Earrings!

I found that, throughout the day, I was holding and rubbing the horn pendant on the necklace like a genie’s bottle.  I’m sure that means something, but I’m not ready to unpack it.  So, instead, I’ll focus on its chain (my favorite new “style” again) and the vibrancy of its color (SO BLUE!).  The earrings were in heavy rotation this week as they go with everything and aren’t fussy–default pieces aren’t generally fun to review, but they are mandatory for every collection!