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A little bit of soft asymmetry…in Avon’s Soft Asymmetrical Hem Top!  When they say soft, they really mean it!  It’s the ideal weight for autumn–not so thin that you freeze during the crisp mornings, and not so thick that you want to rip it off due to overheating in the warmer afternoons.  The length is a longer length, not quite tunic length, but close enough that you can get away with wearing leggings with it. The soft grey is a lovely neutral that can be accessorized with any other color or pattern.  There’s only one “miss” with this top: the ruffle.  I think it’s wrong for two major reasons: (1) the placement–right in the area I’m self-conscious about, so I’m not super excited the eye is drawn right to it because of the ruffle; and (2) it just looks like a mistake–the ruffle starts at the side seam near the waist, then moves around the front to stop about an inch or so short of the front hem near the top of the thigh.  While I’d have preferred the ruffle weren’t there at all, it sure won’t be stopping me from wearing it this season!

Criss-cross applesauce…in Avon’s Criss-Cross Tunic Top in blue!  This is called a tunic, but I personally wouldn’t consider it quite a tunic length; however, it’s long enough to cover most of my booty, so I’ve approved it to wear with leggings.  The criss-cross detail is charming, and makes an otherwise straightforward v-neck top interesting.  The soft grey-blue color is flattering and very much in a true autumn’s color palette (which I am–woo!).  And because I’m apparently very difficult to please, I have one gripe: the sleeves are made for pencil arms, which I don’t possess, so when I don’t pop my hands on my hips, my arms look like overstuffed sausages.  ::whomp, whomp::

Pretty in…plum?  I definitely tried to be in Avon’s Pretty Plum Layered Necklace and the square studs from the Pretty Plum Earring Trio!  I’ve admitted in the past that I’m not the biggest fan of layered necklaces for myself–and, sadly, this one didn’t change my opinion.  I find them fussy and, yet, I keep trying!  A few of the hanging charms weren’t hanging properly in the close up photo–which was taken right after taking my selfies–several of which had to scrapped for the same danged reason.  I totally failed to check the close up shot to verify they were all hanging properly before I closed out my camera app to get my work day started–and I was super bummed to realize my mistake that evening when I finally pulled up the shots to prep them for posting.  While the overall design of the necklace is lovely, I was a little disappointed that the plum wasn’t more…well, plum.  I mean, it’s plum, but it’s kind of a “meh” plum.  Also, I wish that the length could have been cinched up a little more in the back–the pendant on the longest chain kept getting hidden under my cami throughout the day.  (Here’s a bit of “behind the scenes” info: whenever a necklace is a bit too long for the neckline I’m wearing, I will usually pull some of the excess chain to fall down the back of my neck then, if it’s still hanging too long, I will pull my top’s neckline forward.  To get these shots, I did both.)  Moving on to the earrings, I’m afraid I only have more griping to add to the list.  Again, they weren’t as plum as I’d have liked, and they had rounded backs, which I’ve bemoaned a heck of a lot lately.  Whyyyyyyyy?!?!?!  Do they lay properly on anyone?!  Just stop with the rounded backs, ‘mmkay?  Glad we had this talk…

Those are all of the past two weeks’ selfies! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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