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Your girl comin’ at you in da hood…in Avon’s Drawstring Hooded Top and the large hoops from their Mixed Metals Earring Pack.  The hooded top is ultra soft and relatively thin, so isn’t bulky, but is still super warm.  Because it’s thinner, it hangs/lays beautifully, and isn’t at all clingy.  The cornflower blue is a lovely neutral that works with any skin tone.  In other words, an ideal sweater!

The large hoops from Avon’s Mixed Metals Earring Pack have been my new favorite go-to hoops for the past month!  They are lightweight, provide a little pizzazz without being too extra, and are still interesting in design.  This pair alone makes the pack worth the purchase!

No leather, but I got lace covered…in Avon’s Rib Cardigan with Lace Detail (no longer available) and their Christmas Tree Earrings (no longer available)!  These earrings sold out pretty quick after being released, and I completely understand why.  Just like the Ornament Earrings in the same collection, these are high quality, with great detail work.  The colored glass stones are vibrant and pop in the goldtone tree.  I’m thrilled I managed to snag a pair of each so I can wear them again in the future.

This cardigan is fab!  The sleeves can be left long, or rolled and buttoned up to be 3/4 length.  The waterfall front is flattering, and the lace detail down the middle of the back is a delicious treat.  My only complaint is that it’s cut fairly boxy, so it feels and looks bulky, even though it’s not particularly thick.  Perhaps if I’d sized down, it would have been less of an issue.

Date night called for something a little extra…which Avon’s True Color Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Quad in Berry Love delivered!  The great thing about Avon’s eyeshadow quads is that they provide an entire eyeshadow look, making it impossible to screw up.  They even number the shadows to tell you which shadow goes where.  Purples make hazel eyes pop, making this quad ideal for me.  I loved this look and will certainly do it again!

Your majesty…in Avon’s Majestic Green Necklace and Earring Set.  The green in this set is a really unique shade–and reminds me of the fake plastic jewelry sets I used to drool over as a kid.  I really love the larger size of the center stone, and the overall rounded square shape. All said and done, this set really does look like royalty.  One tiny grumble is that it’s a bit too lightweight, making the comparison to the fake kids’ jewelry much stronger.

Winter flowers…in Avon’s Sterling Silver CZ Winter Flower Necklace (no longer available).  This piece is brilliant, and so detailed!  Sadly, because it’s so small in scope, all that exquisite detail is lost from any distance.  That said, this piece is still a beauty as-is!

Starlight and moonbeams…in Avon’s Layered Moon Charm Choker (no longer available).  I was stoked that this necklace cinches up tight enough for the choker layer to rise above the collar level–PROGRESS!  Despite my usual dislike of layered necklaces, I actually rather enjoyed this one.  Because I have to grouse about something, I was a bit irked by the moon charm–it looks like a complete (or near complete) circle, which is not how I think it should be…because, you know, I’m the authority and all.  ::snort::

Friday vibes be like…in Avon’s Dazzling Hoop Earrings!  I darn near noped out of getting these because they are wide, and I think wide hoops look weird on me.  However, I pulled the trigger on them anyway, and I’m glad I did!  The hoops are a medium diameter, and the red stones are a great punch of color.  These will definitely make a return appearance!

Those are all my selfies for the past four weeks! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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2 thoughts on “A Little Extra

  1. I love all of these! But then you know I would, I’m crazy about Avon jewelry right? What do you mean the cardigan is sold out? Ugh, do some of these sell out as soon as they are released? I think I’m going to get those hoop earrings, those are really pretty, yet practical.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hethrgood says:

      Girl, you and me both. #AvonJewelryAddicts

      Yes, some sell out before the campaign even goes live—the reps buy them all up as demos. 😢

      I LOVE these hoops!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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