Hopelessly Heather

The ramblings and obsessions of a longtime Avon lady

Paper or…virtual?  Let’s talk business cards!  

Are you constantly trying to create new content that will entice customers/team members and hitting a brick wall?  Consider preparing an Avon newsletter! 

For those of you Avon reps handing out brochures, one giant tip you should know about is labeling your books. Every campaign I have 4-5 labels on the main brochure – 3 of them askew on the front! Why? Because people notice things that are unexpected and out of place! (Side tip: Want to be noticed in a large crowd of strangers? Wear your name tag vertical or upside down!) I place the following labels on my books…

Got personality to spare? Consider marketing yourself and your Avon business on YouTube! Being quirky and unique are heavily rewarded on YouTube plus by gaining a following, you’re likely to also gain customers and recruits! In addition, video is the fastest growing marketing area with tons of folks actually preferring to watch a video rather than see a regular run of the mill ad. A few tips: