Hopelessly Heather

The ramblings and obsessions of a longtime Avon lady

Generate interest and buzz for your Avon business by doing a giveaway! There are an unlimited number of contests and giveaways you can run. What you choose to do will depend on your budget and desired result.

If you follow me at all, you’ve noticed that I post a lot of selfies showing off Avon products. Why? This is one of the best marketing tools out there. Most customers (especially eCustomers) crave a personal relationship with their Avon lady – and this is one virtual way to help with that! Not only will the selfie be a testimonial/review of whatever product you are showing off, but your customers will see YOU using the product. Seeing your face regularly will help customers trust you and want to order from you.

Building a team is something I’m relatively new at. For the longest time, I focused ALL of my attention on building up my Avon customer base and becoming the best Avon lady I could be. That suited me just fine for a long time but the more your customer base grows, the more likely it will be that one or more of them will want to join your team.