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Every dang weekend is grey and rainy, so I visibly protested last weekend’s weather by wearing Avon’s Modern Abalone Pendant Necklace and the fans/half shells from the Everyday Glam Stud Earring Mega Pack!

First up is the necklace–it’s a layered necklace with abalone AND a choker!!  Those two elements put this in the “I must own it” category.  However, there are two things about this necklace keeping me from absolutely loving it: (1) the choker layer looks very cheaply made in person, doesn’t lay smoothly, and (of course) my pencil-neck means it’s more of a collar necklace than a choker on me because the chain doesn’t cinch up small enough; and (2) the pendant tends to stick to my skin, and tends to hang off-kilter.  ::whomp, whomp::

The stud earrings are super cute!  Because they are so small, the detail can’t really be seen from a distance, which is a shame because the detail is what make these so great.  This mega pack has so many terrific and flexible pieces in it!

unnamed (74)

I dressed up all fancy like for my video meeting on Wednesday in Avon’s Swing Dress with Pockets, Naturally Chic Layered Necklace and Earring Set, and Birthday Balm Lip Crayon in Lovin’ Life!

First up, the swing dress–it’s so comfortable, and it has pockets, y’all!  I also really dig the sleeves–the help cover up my flabby triceps.  The salmon color is bright, but would look great on all skin tones.  Because it’s a swing dress, it’s not at all form fitting, so it doesn’t hug any problem areas, but it also doesn’t help create any illusion of an hourglass shape, so it doesn’t necessarily do favors for those of us who are busty.  The only thing I wish were different about this dress is the weight of the fabric (and the fact that it requires air drying)–it’s fine for all seasons except summer, which is the season I am most inclined to wear dresses, and loose-fitting dresses are ideal to help beat the heat.  That said, I will certainly be wearing this dress again.

The colors in this necklace set are perfect to wear with the dress–and it brings a summery tropical feel to the outfit.  I loved the construction of the necklace and the varying bead layers that are all pulled together with the gold beading at the shoulder level.  Weirdly, every time I looked at the necklace, I couldn’t help but think that the second layer from the bottom looked like a candy necklace–sorry, I know you can’t unsee it now.  The earrings in the set were fine, but also appeared to be of lesser quality up close–the faceted bead looks plastic and the “eye” that is on the hook was molded off-center, which drove me insane.  But it’s fairly common for me to prefer the necklace over the earrings in a set anyway, so no big loss.

The birthday balm is creamy and lightly tinted–it’s not thick and waxy like traditional lip balms.  I was surprised at how light the shade was.  It ended up being a very soft baby pink, which came off more like a nude with my coloring.  Regardless, I really dig the formulation of that balm, so I’ll definitely be trying out other shades in the future–stay tuned for more selfies!

Those are all of the past week’s selfies! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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5 thoughts on “Abalone Baloney

  1. Jay says:

    You have a lot of beautiful pieces of course but I am especially fond of the abalone pendant.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hethrgood says:

      Isn’t she a beauty? But, then again, abalone always is!


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