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Monday was my last day of staycation, but I also had to attend a video meeting for work, so I slapped on Avon’s Western Wind Statement Earrings for the wow factor!

I wasn’t overly excited about these based on the pic in the brochure, but when I cracked open the box, my eyes nearly fell out of my head.  These things are amazeballs!!  First things first, they are a medium to heavy weight, so I broke out my magic earring backers to help prop up these beauties as they ought to be supported.  Now that the business out of the way, I’m going to gush about these a little more!   I was concerned wearing these would look out of place with anything other than a cowboy hat, but I was dead wrong.  While they definitely have a western flair to them, they more than hold their own when paired with trendy fashion.  Despite being fairly sizable, they don’t overpower any look–mostly because they have a burnished finish.  I never imagined I would be putting these babies in my “must wear again” jewelry box, but they definitely earned their place among my other faves!

Staycationing this week meant a nice, slow start to my weekdays! Monday was grocery shopping and running errands day, which isn’t sexy stuff, but was definitely made sexier in Avon’s Sterling Silver Everyday Necklace and the medium studs from their Sparkling Scroll Earring Set!

When there are multiple charms on a necklace, the smaller charm should not be behind the larger charm.  What on earth were they thinking?!   [insert exasperated eye roll here]  That’s just a serious design flaw–and ruined this necklace completely for me.  On the flip side, the earrings were a lovely surprise!  I thought the earring set was pretty enough, but didn’t really expect much out of it, but the larger earrings are very nicely sized and the medium set (which I thought I’d hate due to the shape) ended up being the first ones I wore!  They certainly brought the sparkle the necklace lacked, but weren’t so sparkly that they looked mismatched with a casual tee.

Mondays are tough, but this one was definitely easier with the hoops from Avon’s Western Wind Earring Duo!

While these look great, they are kinda heavy–check out the lobe droop-age in the pic!  I really did love the appearance of them, and they worked really well with the casual (old school Avon mark) dress I wore, but boy was I happy to take them off at the end of the day!

I’m kicking off this blog post with an apology:  I apologize for missing last Saturday’s selfie blog post.  I did have the first two selfies done before last Saturday selfie blog post was due, but I didn’t feel like it was “meaty” enough, so I opted to hold off a week and collect at least a couple more selfies to add to the post, which I did.  For those who missed seeing my face on the blog last week, you do know I have other social media, right?  ::wink::

Two Saturdays ago, I did my hair, taxes, and grocery shopping, while sporting the dragonfly studs from Avon’s Good Vibes Earring Pack!

Yes, I know I’ve already reviewed a couple of other pair of earrings (including my most favorite) from this collection, but, but, but…(1) I’ve only purchased a couple of new jewelry pieces in the past month (more new ones should arrive next week–eeee!!), so y’all are getting to see most of this collection’s offerings; and (2) I did it for all of you–I know how much you love seeing my face!  ::snort::

That said, the dragonflies are super cute, but they don’t have much detail up close, and are small that you can’t really tell what they are from a distance.  In other words, they are typical studs.  I like dragonflies okay, but I wouldn’t have purchased these on their own–good thing they were part of a bigger collection!