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Mondays are tough, but this one was definitely easier with the hoops from Avon’s Western Wind Earring Duo!

While these look great, they are kinda heavy–check out the lobe droop-age in the pic!  I really did love the appearance of them, and they worked really well with the casual (old school Avon mark) dress I wore, but boy was I happy to take them off at the end of the day!

I bumped through Tuesday a bit rough, but still rocked the turquoise studs from Avon’s Good Vibes Earring Pack and Birthday Balm Lip Crayon in Birthday Post!

The stud earrings offered just enough punch of color to do the job for the coral top I wore.  They definitely aren’t anything “special” on their own, though I didn’t actually own a pair of turquoise studs before purchasing this earring pack.  Most turquoise pieces I own are chunkier, statement pieces.  These were a lovely departure from those.

I’ve previously reviewed several other shades of the birthday balm (Fine Wine, Birthday Suit, and Lovin’ Life), and loved all of them, so I had high expectations for this shade.  It’s definitely in the brown family, and not a very “summery” color, but it will likely be a fave of mine in the fall!  It’s got a hint of red to it (I love me some brick red lippies!), so it doesn’t look like I just kissed a vat of chocolate frosting–I mean, who would do that?  ::darting eyes::  While I found the shade a bit too heavy for my summer style, it’s still gorgeous and should get its day in the sun!

On Wednesday, it was sweltering here, so I finally took Avon’s Ribbed Faux Wrap Dress out for a spin!

I’m in love!  I’ve seen so many others wear this dress and there’s not a single person who looks crappy in it!  It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short, skinny or plump, curvy or stick-straight, nor does it discriminate against any skin tone–it looks fabulous on everyone–even me!  <–yes, I know…I just said I look fabulous, but LOOK AT THE PHOTOS, then you can disagree with me.  You can’t, can you?  ::wink::

Let’s get into the details.  I’m a busty lady so, as a rule, I usually skip wrap dresses but, since this was a faux wrap dress, I figured I could always return it if it gaped or gave everyone a show—it didn’t, and I didn’t even need to pin it closed!  The wider straps are definitely the design marvel that makes this all possible, and they helped to draw attention away from my wimpy, narrow shoulders–w00t, double win!  The material is a medium-weight ribbed polyester, so the skirt won’t run away from you in a breeze–which is a necessary detail because the handkerchief hemline (knee-length at its shortest, calf-length at its longest) offers enough extra skirt (the sides are sewn on the bias, which makes for a really interesting pattern) to flounce about nicely.  And, of course, the color.  I literally felt like I was sunshine incarnate!  Only one (small) gripe: the tie on the side does allow you to cinch it up, but only about two inches.  This was a bummer for me because I always have to size up for the girls, and my waist is smaller than this dress makes it appear.  Even with that one minor blip, I’d buy this dress in ten different shades, if it were available!

Those are all of the past week’s selfies! What was your favorite and how would you have worn it?!

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