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It’s Favorites Friday!!

I’ve been holding off on adding Avon’s Magix Tint Brightening Tinted Moisturizer to my list of faves until I got some solid time using it in – and now it’s been a couple of months!  So, here goes my review!
Since I’m pushing 50 years old, I’ve noticed that medium to full coverage foundations tend to magnetically pool in my “fine” lines, which only ends up accentuating them – totally not what I want!  So, when Avon brought back a tinted moisturizer, I jumped at testing it out! 

This week I featured daily sale highlights from Avon’s campaigns 10 and 11 as follows…

It’s Favorites Friday!!

I fought off testing out Avon’s MagiX Face Perfector for years before finally giving into all the pressure from customers and team members to just try it out.  Why?  Because I have picky sensitive skin.  Nearly every time I try something new, my face rewards me with breakouts; and if it really doesn’t like a product, I get the ultimate prize: cystic acne.  This fact alone made me gun shy, but add to that the knowledge that this product intentionally covers up your pores to create the illusion of a flawless finish and the deal was sealed: I wasn’t ever going to try this thing.  No way, no how.