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I’m kicking off this blog post with an apology:  I apologize for missing last Saturday’s selfie blog post.  I did have the first two selfies done before last Saturday selfie blog post was due, but I didn’t feel like it was “meaty” enough, so I opted to hold off a week and collect at least a couple more selfies to add to the post, which I did.  For those who missed seeing my face on the blog last week, you do know I have other social media, right?  ::wink::

Two Saturdays ago, I did my hair, taxes, and grocery shopping, while sporting the dragonfly studs from Avon’s Good Vibes Earring Pack!

Yes, I know I’ve already reviewed a couple of other pair of earrings (including my most favorite) from this collection, but, but, but…(1) I’ve only purchased a couple of new jewelry pieces in the past month (more new ones should arrive next week–eeee!!), so y’all are getting to see most of this collection’s offerings; and (2) I did it for all of you–I know how much you love seeing my face!  ::snort::

That said, the dragonflies are super cute, but they don’t have much detail up close, and are small that you can’t really tell what they are from a distance.  In other words, they are typical studs.  I like dragonflies okay, but I wouldn’t have purchased these on their own–good thing they were part of a bigger collection!

This week I featured daily sale highlights from Avon’s campaigns 14 and 15 as follows…

Every dang weekend is grey and rainy, so I visibly protested last weekend’s weather by wearing Avon’s Modern Abalone Pendant Necklace and the fans/half shells from the Everyday Glam Stud Earring Mega Pack!

First up is the necklace–it’s a layered necklace with abalone AND a choker!!  Those two elements put this in the “I must own it” category.  However, there are two things about this necklace keeping me from absolutely loving it: (1) the choker layer looks very cheaply made in person, doesn’t lay smoothly, and (of course) my pencil-neck means it’s more of a collar necklace than a choker on me because the chain doesn’t cinch up small enough; and (2) the pendant tends to stick to my skin, and tends to hang off-kilter.  ::whomp, whomp::

The stud earrings are super cute!  Because they are so small, the detail can’t really be seen from a distance, which is a shame because the detail is what make these so great.  This mega pack has so many terrific and flexible pieces in it!

Last Saturday, I celebrated my birthday by having homemade tacos with the fam in Avon’s Sparkling Pink Statement Necklace and Earring Set!

Every girl deserves a princess birthday–and with the help of this set, I felt like a was dripping in in jewelry fit for a princess!  The necklace, in particular, was a showstopper!  With the varying lengths of hanging glass stones, it makes just about every neckline luxurious.  Plus, white, pink, and gold together is a classic combo.  While the earrings failed to wow me as much as the necklace, they played a very important supportive role by not stealing the limelight and holding their own in the presence of a supernova.  Now, where’s my crown?