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The ramblings and obsessions of a longtime Avon lady

Another contactless Avon delivery day featuring Avon’s Genuine Stone Modern Lucky Charm Necklace and Pave Petite Hoop Earrings!

The necklace (in the same line as the previously reviewed Loved version) is another winner–I only wish the beaded charm was green instead of purple, though it’s definitely not a deal breaker.  The earrings are fat.  There’s no getting around it.  I’ve previously expressed my aversion to thicker hoops, and these fell into the same bucket–I just don’t like them on me.  Bah, humbug.

No video meetings were scheduled for Tuesday, but I prettied up just in case in Avon’s Instant Glamour Statement Earrings and Glimmer Kiss Liquid Lipstick in Ruby!

I wasn’t too sure about the earrings when I unboxed them–they are a bit heavy and very long, but then I put them on…and KABOOM!  They are super glam, and so special that I didn’t wear any other adornment except a bold red lip!  The ruby color of the lipstick is a bit too pink for me, but it didn’t turn too terribly pink, so it ended up being just okay.  I also only put on one layer, so you can’t really see the glitter/glimmer effect as well in photos, but you sure could see it in person when I was in the right light!  

Customers still need their Avon, so on Monday I delivered CONTACTLESS, but still looked fly in Avon’s Modern Pink Y Necklace and Earring Set!

This Y necklace has a solid weight to it, so it stayed in place a whole lot better than lighter ones have–YAY!  The earrings are a light/medium weight, so they don’t drag on the lobe, but they don’t fly free in the wind either–perfect!  

I love that the stones are shaped different and aren’t perfect–it definitely makes them appear more natural.  Some folks like the see-through stones, and I would, if only I didn’t have a yellow-ish skin tone–it always skews the stone’s color.  In this case, the pink tried to hold on a bit instead of turning peach, though it does lose the battle in certain lighting.  That is purely a me issue though, which could be remedied by wearing clothing that would back it up rather than letting it rest directly on my skin.  

Another grey Monday working from home, but at least my earlobes sparkle in Avon’s Sparkling CZ Crawler!

I really love the idea of ear crawlers but, in practice, I find them a bit awkward looking on me.  Like many of my other features, I have smaller ears, with fat lobes.  I felt like these were about one stone too long to look “right” on my lobes.  I’d probably love them on someone who has larger ears.  I had to pull the “stem” out to accommodate my fat lobes, which I found to be a little scary–it wasn’t as sturdy as I’d have liked, and I fear that if I bend it too many times, it will break right off.  That said, the crawlers by themselves are deliciously sparkly and really are cool to look at!

The fam and I flew in the face of this social distancing thing on Sunday to fete my son’s and my mom’s birthdays by breaking bread together while supporting a local restaurant! The menu included Avon’s Striped 3/4 Lace Front Top, Sterling Silver Floral Front to Back Earrings, and Glimmerkiss Liquid Lipstick in Sand Opal!

I sized up to a medium and absolutely love the relaxed fit of this top! Long enough to act as a tunic, it covers all my problem spots AND it doesn’t cling. I’m also a fan of the classic black and white striped pattern–it never goes out of style. Worth every penny!