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Monday night I attended an Avon meeting and was really feeling Avon’s Mattitude Liquid Lipstick in Persistent! What’s your shade? Take the quiz to find out! Woohoo – another warmer red has been added to the Avon line! Unfortunately, this shade isn’t maintained well with the gloss blotting trick – it turned a god awful …

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Saturday was date night with the hubs and had me showing off Avon’s Purple Chic Pendant Choker and the CZ hoops from their Tokens of Summer Hoop Trio Set in Pink!

Running errands for the hubs today in Avon’s Reconstituted Turquoise Pendant Necklace and Reconstituted Turquoise Statement Earrings!

LOOK! AT! ME! That’s what these bold pieces scream when trotted out in public…and I’m okay with that! The necklace pendant is a very modern and interesting design – I also would have liked to see it enlarged and placed on a long chain for a hip, boho pop of color for all my darker fall duds which will be coming off of hangers sooner rather than later! The earrings are a bit on the heavy side, but not stupidly so – I did not experience sore lobes as a result. Striking and brightly colored – a great combo!

This week I featured daily sale highlights from Avon’s campaigns 16 and 17 as follows…